Wednesday mid week… this is the point where the week starts ending and starts feeling shit… or in this case dies down for a bit. Mmm I think I should be okay with DB now, realised it’s possible to do what i was thinking, but I’ll have to explicitly state it otherwise it might not be noticeable…

Hmm you know today I made more phone calls than I usually would make in a month (this was for work related stuff)… in case you hadn’t realised, I ain’t really a phone person… email, sms or some other means. The phone is so… I don’t know… you can actually hear the person… obviously… but yeah.

And my room is an fscking mess at the moment… not dirty as in gross unhygenic, but just messy and dusty around the table. I should, and wanna clean it but I think I’ll leave it till exams is over, another 3-4 weeks at the most… getting scared about exams. I know this will be the worst semester I’ve ever performed so far… :-S

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