Following on upon from my confused post yesterday re the assignment, it was probably because we chose the not so popular option, hence maybe there was less assignments to compare us against??? Who knows, I guess I have to thank my lucky stars, and whoever is out there looking after me… And I have to thank the fact that those years in high school taught me how to write proper reports with analysis and technical specs and stuff. That certainley helped.

Anyways it was one more down today and one more to go. Well another is due tomorrow, but it’s electronic submission. I thought I’d finished it properly, then I was reading the reference manual and realised one of my statements might fail (depending upon arhitecure tested on)… though it works on the uni server. Still I decided to fix it up, as I’m pretty pedantic in some respects. Have submitted it again, and now won’t look at it again… got one more assignment due on Monday…

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