Life’s in one of those phases where its interesting yet not interesting at the moment. Lots happening, trying to handle it all really. Think I’m doing okay considering the circumstances around everything that’s been flying around these last few days.

In other stuff/news, kinda finished my notes for the core subjects, reading through them + lecture notes properly… hope all goes well. Oh yeah also going to see some music at newtown in a few weeks, sal msg-ed me today… will be cool to catch up with her again when she’s back down in sydney.

As for this weekend, it’s mad crazy study weekend. I so need to rote learn this maths crap for a subject. I have nfi idea how do actually work it out :-S and I can’t believe he said you need a strong foundation in linear (???) algebra to be a good programmer!!! Maybe if you wanna be some hard core programmer, but not for general stuff we do at uni imho that is. Yes maths promotes the logical thinking and reasoning, but if I can’t remember formulas and ‘see in numbers’ it doesn’t exactly help does it? I can see in loops and non figures… but does that necessarily mean I am *automatically* good at maths related stuff? Well in my case not… never really has been afaik.

Oh as for a holiday bit of fun, anyone wanna do the Homebush to Tempe bike ride??? The Cooks River one, though I’d have to ride further going from Putney first!!! I wonder if I’ll make it? It’s like 20KM+….