Grr I closed the window by accident before! Anyways 3 down 1 to go. I don’t know about the exam today, there is a 50/50 chance I didn’t pass it. It probably was on par with the OOD exam last year for me. I guess it’s the waiting game to see what entails. Can’t really control fate in a sense I guess. Screwy thing is if I do fail it’ll stuff the rest of my uni course around (as it’s a prerequsite for other core subjects). I hope maybe something out there was looking out for me today and everyone else in a similar situation. The other two exams were pretty okay. DSPP will probably be my best – that’s not a prerequsite – it’s actually better to not pass that then not pass the one today. But yeh I hope I pass all…. :-S

Good luck tp everyone else on exams.

Anyways after my exam today I met up with my dad and went to Yum Cha ‘cos he had to go to Bondi Junction today in the morning. Other than that nothing interesting has been happening, I’m back home now studying for my exam on Monday madly cos I’m going out the night before. I don’t know if thats a good idea, but fate again played out that way, so that’s anothet wait and see.

Oh one complaint for today is for the last 2-3 days in a row there has been this guy collecting donations. I’m not against that, but when they invade the *actual* uni (inside) at like 8:30am when it’s exam period and just before exam and in the area people are in just before the exam it’s a bit annoying. Especially when they ask you multiple days in a row… that’s imho though. Outside the uni entrance is fine, but when the guy literally walks up and down the lounge area stopping at every ‘study’ group is… erm yeh… a bit to full on for me.