So it was my last exam today. It was a joke in a way, and I hope we all get compensated for it. Like 15 minutes after the exam started, the stupid alarm went of, and the examiner checky person had to go and check whether it was for real. In the process we’re sitting there confused not sure whether to continue writing, whilst the beeping gets damn louder (or so it seemed). Then we find out we really do have to evacuate, and the whole of the Tower plus Building 2 had to leave the building whilst the fire crew and stuff came up to check the building. Then we got to go back in, and we started writing away madly, but our examiner person tells us not too, ‘cos according to the book the exam should be aborted/terminated. But no, it wasn’t rather we only got 20 minutes extra even though we were disrupted for at least 30min… def more considering we had our concentration broken etc. So yeah thats my story for the day.

Oh but last night The Offspring were pretty good. Didn’t get lost but the car park at Fox Studios is hectic as, and the traffic was hectic getting outta. Anyways yeaht that’s it, I’m going to go visit my grandma then watch my RBF DVD.