Woot I finally got round to it. After spending a good half of the day budgeting and researching stuff for the trip at the end of the year I decided to stop procrastinating over whether or not I felt like exercising and decided I should, so lugged the bike out and when on the same ride as did yesterday. Then came back and worked on the current incarnation. I’ve moved my whole site over to ProgSoc space, so if it’s down every now and then, that’s what you get for free hosting (I’m not complaining though, cos it is definatley better than nothing plus the limit is bigger – if there is any?). Suprisingly it actually looks better in Mozilla based browsers hence the statement thingo at the bottom. IE renders the borders yukky, well too thick and it puts the scrollbars in both horizontal and vertical directions no matter how much I adjust the properties of the table and iframe.

The statement of life going by before your eyes is something that I think about a bit, and to me a train whooshing pass you describes it just nicely in a visionary manner. Maybe this site will stay for a while. The image says alot to me about things I think about – which is coincidentially one of the playing factors in why I have to go away at the end of the year.

That’s about it for now I guess, hopefully I’ll remain motivate to exercise… snowboarding soon…

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