2nd post for today a rarity. Well anyways earlier tonight I managed to set a virus loose on the home network. Easy to remove of some of the comps, but on mine it was really hard to get rid off. Luckily the AV picked it up, but it was a pain to remove without losing all my emails in my inbox main folder. Managed to solve it though with some folder swapping and deleting here and there.

Also out of a conversation I had today, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be another species of animal? Considering the fact that we as humans are animals too. As humans I guess one considers oneself as being the smartest of all animals, and by smart I don’t necessarily mean intelligence but smart as in we have technology, medicine, science etc. But how do we know that other animals don’t have worlds such as we perceive our world to be. It may not necessarily be the same nor may they conduct experiments on humans like we conduct experiments of lab animals, but are we assuming to much to assume that we are ‘smarter’ than them? Who’s to say ants don’t have their own world? To an ant what would it be to see a giant shadow coming from above? Like some attacker coming after you in human terminology? Beavers build house kind of thingos, does it intrigue to wonder to a beaver what their house is compared to what we deem as a house? I guess the constant question with that is whether we are looking for similarities and traits between other species and our own. Maybe I’m totally off track and probably am as there are definatley lots of brilliant people dedicacting their lives to working in these fields to answer these questions. But if we’re looking for similarities and so on to humans, isn’t there always the chance that the supposed norm for a particular other species is in no way related to what we deem the norm???

And yes I’m probably randomly pulling shit out of nowhere which is probably already scientifically disproved, so really there just questions of my own which I should bother to google about some day if I ever get around to it so I can bring some closure to my never ending list of somewhat stupid (yet somewhat valid) questions…

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