Mmm for yesterday and today I’ve been madly playing Playstation. Must be another gaming phase… Need For Speed Underground… vroom vroom car racing… Last night stayed up late to watch to watch Wildside on the ABC. There repeats from ages ago, cos the show was axed dunno in 1998? or 1999? something like that. It’s a pretty raw show even with the filmwork I reckon which is probably why it never got mainstrean popularity. But its pretty good for Aus done stuff, especially since it’s ABC made.

Other than that today dropped by the Optomertrist to place an order, then back home later in the afternoon prob drive by Sal’s house see her as she goes back on Friday. Then prob quiet week (save money!!!), actually I’ll prob start riding from tomorrow again. Then on Sat nite going to my friend’s twin sister’s 18th to help. Which is in a sense funny, cos my brother is going too, ‘cos he’s friends with the twin sisters. And we’re supposed to keep out Frodo Baggins (what I refer to one of his friends as as I reckon he looks like Frodo Baggins minus the elf ears) and the chef guy.