So Blogger really has changed, some new fangled rich text editor
thingo. Explains the weird problems I had when trying to post yesterday
must’ve been in the process of switching the interface over or

Anywasy today, went to Maq twice in one day. In morning ‘cos had to
claim stuff from HCF and find some pants to where under ski/snow pants
as I don’t know what happened to the ones I use to have/use… Managed
to find some dodgy ones for like 5 bucks, but eh they’ll do the job the
same as if I paid 30 bucks so I guess I’m not (or shouldn’t) be

Then it was on to the bottle shop. To buy foriegn beer (not for me) and
some mixed drinks Malibu and some of those Vodka Mudshakes… (mmm).
‘Cos it’s the party thingo tonight. Then came home had a sandwich then
went with my mum and aunt to Maq again ‘cos they brought my grandma
out… So yeah over to Maq again. Bought two small presents (my brother
keeps on going I shouldn’t go empty even though I’m not *actually*
invited, but yeh) then had something to drink (iced chocolate) then my
cousin and her bf met us (like an old married couple in some respects –
and I’m actually older?!? Blah but I don’t wanna grow up… lol) then
bought some books (well mum did, I’m b-r-o-k-e…. or will be when I
come back next Monday).

And now I am at home again. Should have a shower sometime before going
out but it’s freezing… rain is good (needed as well), though if it
rains tonight… who knows…

Oh a funny thing, for the last 2 weeks I haven’t been having music
playing much in all my ‘awake hours’. Which is strange ‘cos I normally
can’t have quietness. So in trying to break out of this not normal
habit I’m now sitting here with my headphones, music playing into my

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