I have to ask… who is on Bigpond using Win 98, IE 6 and from
Well the IP is irrelevant as it’s probably dynamic anyway. But it def
is a Telstra ip addy (traceroute it). With my psyhic (that is spelt
wrong isn’t it???) BTW totally offtopic but this remined me, everyone
should move to Mozilla! Or Firefox (is mozilla based). I thought tabbed
browsing was annoying, but it’s actually heaps good. And it crashes
less than IE. Oh and Thunderbird for email. It’s not clunky and the
built in spam filter thingo actually kinda works.

Also only posting it now because I guess it’s something I feel like
posting about, but life is short isn’t it? And do you reckon the saying
that ‘only the good die young’ or whatever the saying is holds true? In
some respects I reckon it is.

Blah oh last night I pulled the $20 voucher thingo of my spindle of
CD’s and claimed it. Not many choices for $20 once postage was
included, so had to choose between Foo Fighters, One by One or
Punkorama Vol 9. Chose the latter as I didn’t particularly like One by
One that much when I heard it.

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