Well today was a definite first for me. I went without turning on my computer for almost 24 hours. Though that was say counting from 9.30 last night till 9.30 tonight, so in a sense I can’t actually say ‘I went a whole day without using my computer’. That statement only is applicable if I have access to a computer – lol, ‘cos sometimes you can’t bring it with you. So how did my miracle 24 hours without turning my computer on happen? Well today I woke up late(ish), well not really late, but I was slow in getting up and ready for work. Then after I had to do some stuff, come home and get more clothes + my beanie (‘cos it was damn freezing today!) then drive back to Henely to park before catching the bus to the city. Saw Spiderman 2 with Jess from uni, then back home to where I am now.

Also today was my absolutle record amount of spam 86 in 24 hours! Thats a bit more than 3.5 an hour!