Well I’m back. Got back after 1pm sometime. First thing I did was turn on my comp… then realised my mouse got nicked (found it in the other room – though I didn’t put it there!). Then I unpacked some of my stuff and went to visit my grandma as I forgot to visit her on Wednesday evening before I left. And so now here I am.

How was the snow? It was pretty awesome. Lots of snow, and a fair bit of it nice soft powder which was good. Boarded this time, was my first time and was pretty suprised as it was easy to learn than when I went skiing a few years ago. But it hurts like 100 times more when you fall. My tail bone bore the brunt (or most) of the pain. Not so much today but def on Fri night, Sat it killed. As did the thighs and arms. No injuries which was good. Wear wrist guards they actually work!

But yeah most painful things were probably smashing my head twice on the ground in the same afternoon in the same spot (of my head). That hurt a bit. Oh and on Sunday I landed whack on my lower back / tail bone then landed on top of my right arm. Had to lie there for like 5 mins, ‘cos the inital pain was like ouchhhh then after that I couldn’t get up as I couldn’t pull myself of my arm, and I couldn’t twist my board + feet around to get up the other way ‘cos the fall totally hurt. Last time did something similar was when I fell like 4ft from a skateboard ramp. But yeah thats bout the only real painful experiences of my latest expedition.

Ahh oh have to mention this, on Sunday we got lost at Perisher, we had nfi where the hell we were except that we had to head downhill (obviously) eventually we landed up down near some T-Bars and with a look at our map we realised we were way to far across and should have gone left not right way up the top. So we had to get a bit up again across to the left again, then walk the rest. Tiring… it took like 3 hours to get back.

Now not about the snow, but driving through the country (if that’s what you call it? I would) you get a real indication about the drought we are experiencing at the moment. It’s actually pretty bad. Pretty much the whole way its was dry barren brown ground/soil. Makes you wonder what on earth the sheep are picking at. And the erosion and gullies formed by the lack of vegetation, holding the topsoil in place is pretty impressive yet in a way bad as one knows they will get worse. So save water peoples…

Thats it for now… oh its back to uni on Thursday for me 🙁