Well today is I guess what should be called my ‘official last day of holidays’. I have a 9am lecture tomorrow morning. Argh SDP we just received an email this afternoon saying that this semester they will be choosing the groups for us, as opposed to us choosing our groups as they were for previous years. It’s good and bad I suppose. Bad because you don’t know people who are in your group very well which impacts upon group dynamics and all. But in a sense also good, as if the coordinators are smart they will form the groups so that each group has a roughly even amount of skill and knowledge (dunno based using exam resultd?) which is fairer for all as their will be no power groups or weak groups as such. Or (and I will be suprised) they may arrage groups so those aiming high are grouped together?. The thing freaking me however, is the possibility of having to work with people I don’t know. Or as in the case of a previous subject people who couldn’t spell or write properly. Oook I juts received an email… I’m in Group 23. Which is lucky in a sense as its on Thursday so it means I only go to uni Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. But of course there will be the need to go some other days with the group work and all.