And if you tolerate this this… It was my brothers birthday today. Nothing big today ‘cos he’s got some party happening on the 20th. Funny on my 18th I was doing an assessment or something if I remember right. Ha and my mum said my brother said they should have a 21st for me because I didn’t have a big 18th party. Though I doubt I’d want a big 21st anyway. Just maybe go out with some of my friends (good). I’m not one for a party of randoms, well not randoms as such but people I’m remotley acquainted with. That’s just me and my weirdness again. Do you reckon that theres always one eccentric one in every family??? I kind of do but I don’t. ‘Cos when I think about it not *all* families have one. Maybe more like theres always a few eccentrics in the extended family?

Mum bought me some clothes today. I have to change one for a bigger size tomorrow. ‘Cos I’d prefer it looser on the shoulders, otherwise it’d be good. Lol actually getting decent presents this year.. more than usual. I think I know why the suddeness… but I can’t seem to write it properly here without it coming out possibly wrongly interpretable.