Well had SDP today. Pretty good so far. Got lots of work to do already. OMG and the readings for BPITS is like absolutley massive!!! But yeah checked with the tutor re me being away on 19th because I’ll be in hospital (so it’s kind of out of my hands as the surgery has been booked for more than a month now). Turns out it should be okay – *relieved*

Other than that, got to uni pretty early so fiddled around with Contribute first as I’m supposed to show it working on Tues? At least I’ve got the FTP and web server running on the lappie properly now, so it seems to work when I tested it out earlier today.

Oh, forgot, interesting news for today. Apparently the council is onto the owners of the dog my brother supposedly thinks is crazy/psycho. I thought maybe my bro was exagerating it, but turns out the dog really has tried to attack other people too. Like some 5 yr old girl as well as some guy. And the council are annoyed that the owners have not responsed, so gave a kind of ultimateum of 48 hours to respond. Will be interesting. I guess if the dog can jump the fence, and the owners haven’t done anything, someone may get hurt in the future…

I wonder if my delivery got delivered today to dad’s work?