I have a feeling I picked a hard subject this semester. Lots of reading very business oriented. Thought for a moment of maybe changing out of it, but figured that I cbf and if anywasy unless I change my submajor I’d have to do it at some point either way as its compulsary for the submajor I’m doing. Lol people think I’m crazy for picking IT Management as a submajor, when I probably could’ve easily got through a programming one. But on one hand, I partly chose it, because it’d be more challenging… though its not quite as interesting as coding… Plus I reckon management skills is something that is transferable over any job industry, and as IT it always going to play a part in business it probably is to bad of a thing to have knowledge of. The assignments are good though but lots of research.

Oh my bag arrived yesterday… sweet. Green and olive coloured. Didn’t take as long as I thought. Remembered when we ordered from estore years ago it took weeks for the product to be delivered. Guess they’ve reworked their processes. Ordered Monday delivered Thursday and that was with a delay as well. Plus was like $100 cheaper than RRP. So yeah order from estore peoples…

Ahh away from the above boring stuff… I have a funny story.. well not funny but yeah. Anyways this morning I woke up got out of bed and went to put my fluffy shoes on because it was cold. But my right foot got caught on my left pyjama (sp?) leg – don’t ask me how – and I tripped over myself and fell over. Great start to the morning when you fall into a table… should try to be less unco!

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