Fark I’m am so confused. Everytime I get one of these emails re intern program applications for next year, for a good moment I read the criteria and think ‘that sounds okay’ and when I meet the criteria I feel like I *should* apply for it. And that I’d have a good chance. But then theres that niggling though which says no, you’ve 90% decided not to do it. Then the other though of ‘so what if you decided to stay in IT and cannont find a job when you graduate?’ Theres some internships for Sun. It sounds good. Except you have to do it for a whole 12 months which is a long time for me. Maybe I should apply and see how it goes? But then if things turn out… I might end up taking a job (this is in general btw not just for this one)… then end up kicking myself 2 months down the track. I was talking to my dad last night about maybe doing some science subjects. I told him about cool jobs, but their not exactly the type of jobs you could do when your older he though. Reckons I should try honours if I have the marks instead of working (‘cos I mentioned not working before). But honours… to me, that is almost the same as working, locked into this thing for a year.