Oh yeah last night I watched that show on Compass on the ABC about abortion – the controversial one that have everyone up in the air over whether it was right to air it. IMHO the documentry itself was okay. It certainly wasn’t long, so I didn’t feel it tackled any issues in enough scope and depth. Though I must say some of the means the pro life people went to voice their opinions were over the top. Everyone imo is valid to their own opinion, reasons etc, but that said we should also respect the opinions and reasons of others. Watching it I found the pro life people to be less acceptable of the opposite parties own opinions. Driving around in those trucks I think is not educating people, but rather forcing people into viewing content they may not want to view. If the pro lifes are so against the documentry being aired and made for that matter, why is it okay for them to drive around in effect making the general public here what they want to say/show? In contrast some of the doctors who performed such procedures had valid points which they justified and really they themselves sounded as if they sat on the fence. I think in the end it doesn’t really matter the pro life, pro choice people will also be against each other to some extent or another. If only each could become more considerate of each others opinions. Every situation is different and I don’t think one can fully cement ones mind 100% forever and ever onto a particular side of either fence.

That’s my 10 cents anyway… (or is it 20?)