Gone all gone. Was meant to turn up at admission at 8am, but someone cancelled so got in earlier because we left earlish anyway because in case traffic was bad. Last think I think I remember was the surgeon asking me to see how wide I can opn my mouth and some saying I was going to get tired like watcing tv??? (i can’t even remember). And the next think I was waking up with I think an ice pack on my face. Getting changed while still semi anaethiesed is not a fun thing when it feels like your about to roll out of bed. Thank god for slide in Royal Elastics. And then after they made me eat (try) frozen yoghurt and lemondae. I was so hungry in the morning, but by then I wasn’t. It’s hard to eat when your mouth is dumb. You cant tell if the frozen yoghurt is in your mouth, let alone whether you swallowed it, nor can you tell whether your aiming the glass of lemondade in the right direction only to have it spill on the towel covering your clothes. I want to try and eat some jelly or ice cream now, but I’m still numb, and it’ll make a real mess if I try…

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