I’m even more swollen today that I was yesterday. I look like a demented chipmunk. But the pain is pretty non existant (hopefully it’ll stay like that). Nothing like I expected it to be. There are more painful things like getting a local in your big toe for instance (yes, from personal experience), amongst other things. Eating and drinking is better now. Can’t eat solids ‘cos it’ll probably make the site bleed or pull the stiches, so been living in frozen yoghurt, jelly and mashed potato. But stupid me cannont mash potato up properly and still had to chew on bits I didn’t mash/cook properly. Getting sick of the whole 3 choices thing though. Thinking maybe I should go buy some soup or something. Have to avoid foods with ‘particles’ in them, so maybe some tomato soup might be nice. Hell I was tempted to attempt to mash carrot up just for a different flavour.