I’m back after a 2 to 3 week hiatus. Well what happened is something weird must be happening with the progsoc servers and I tried a diff one which didn’t work for ftp either. And forgot the one it’s on now existed. And also I could’ve got the pages to display but I was way to busy to fix the links and forwarding up. Anyways should be okay now. Anyway’s this will be a really really long post. Dunno if anyone reads this seeing it’s been down for a few weeks???

Life is really hectic and crazy these days. SDP alone is like a full time job with 20 odd hours a week put in. Plus my other two subjects have so much reading it’s not funny. Still I seem to be surviving, so I’ll probably hold out/up. I have an assignment due in 2 weeks, but I finished it this weekend to free up time for SDP and my other subjects assignment(s). Over two days (the 23/24) I have SDP deliverables due, SDP presentation due, NED essay, NED presentation thingo, NED assignment 2 due. Which is going to be crazy as, seeing SDP is known as the overnighter subject so crazy Wed night for SDP followed by all of NED due the Thurs. Hopefully thing’s work out. Lucky SDP is a groupwork subject and the group I’m in is pretty good.

In other stuff, since all the last post I made, I’ve made the big 2-0. Unfortunatley for me I was eating mushy food on the day. So this weekend I finally got my cake (which was uneventful anyway) and some good dinner. Oh, one thing, stupid dissolavle stitches do not dissolve! I pulled like all of mine out bar about half of one. Yesterday I got some scissors and whilst prodding one stitche up, cut it off at the knot and pulled it out carefully. I think 2+ weeks is way to long… good thing I’ve got dentist working friends to tell me where to snip the stitch so it’ll come out easier.

What’s some other stuff? Well at work, the previous techy has come back to work as well after doing the industry training year. That’s the year I’ve decided not to do, because I want to finish my course as soon as possible, before I change my mind to something else – which for that matter I think I have already pretty much confirmed it into my mind somehow already.

As for my previous thingo about an iPod well I somehow landed up buying a Creative 4GB Muvo 2. Was always skeptical about the iPod and didn’t like the sound of it’s battery as I know I listen to music quite a fair bit on my trek to and from uni, so yep ended up with the latter. Though I wasn’t meant to buy an mp3 player this year lol. But I got some money for my birthday, which funded around half of it so it was cool. The only thing crap is it’s plastic casing as opposed to the iPods andonized aluminium case. Oh well win some lose some. Oh and my headphone cable is so so long much more noticable then when I used the MD. Which means I can’t use the included remote otherwise I’ve got like 4M of cable on me. 3M is enough! But no way I’m ditching the Senny’s as their too comfy and good sounding.

Ahh even more news. On Fri I went on what I term a Ticketek buying spreee. I bought my ticket to Homebake, and staked out the Ticketek website too get 2 tickets to Neil Diamond for a like gift/pressie thingo to my dad. I have a habit of buying my dad stuff randomly, which usually involve $ tixs to concerts. And if I’m correct my mad refreshing of the ticktek website (the site was busy, and sessions limited, so you were lucky if you managed to even get to the site) was worth it, ‘cos section SE according to the map is like smack bang front center. Back to Homebake, everyone should go this year. It’s going to be the best year since was it ’99 when The Living End headlined??? Spiderbait, Regurgitator, Jet, Grinspoon, Eskimo Joe, Pete Murray already on the lineup!

Ooh it hailed today. Twice. The second time alot more thsn the first. I’ve got some photos and’ll post them up some day soon. Anyways gotta stop writing or it’ll never end. I have reading to do. Plus I have to go and watch the last episode of Pride and Prejudice tonight….. lol I’m suprised I’m even watching it. Got inspired when heard Bridget Jone’s Diary was the modern make of it.