Well today was an okay with a slightly weird twist to it. First I’ll start with the weird factor. Well today I was on my way up to Mitre 10 to get 54 keys cut and on the way down the driveway to where I parked my car at work, there was a whole bunch of primary school kids walking up. They must’ve rented the hall for something. Anyways it was my old primary school. So I’m walking down the driveway and this teacher asks me if I’m Deline. And I’m like yep. Anyways it turned out to be the teacher I had when I was in kindergarten which by the way was like 15 years ago!!! Do I look the same as when I was 5?!? ‘Twas interesting. She actually looked younger than what I rememeber from when I was 5… hmmm my memory must be getting confuzzled. Other than that spent 1.5 hours getting the keys cut… and day was pretty normal.