I think I have an infection. In fact I’m pretty definite of it. On the right side, there always was a slight swollen part I could feel if I cupped my hands around my face. When the original swelling went down and for about a week after it was a very small swollen part. Well now it’s not. In fact I’m looking like a one sided chipmunk again. It’s like as swollen as it was originally, and as painful. I don’t feel pain to much, so it’s not like ouch I’m going to die, but its annoying nonetheless. It would explain why on Fri night onwards I wasn’t feeling all that right. I’ve been feeling pretty cold these last few days, last night especially and I had 3 layers of clothers plus a doona. What’s more today I had a squiz and saw some stuff, so I used a cotton bud to have a prod and it looks like pus to me… (gross so you didn’t need to know tha but eh). And it’s sore when I touch it on the outside, and theres a big hard patch… So I’m off to see the oral surgeon tomorrow. I’m meant to work tomorrow, but I don’t know if I can, ‘cos my face seems to be getting bigger each day, and my head has been feeling weird (probably ‘cos of the infection). All I can say is please hope he drains it – all of it. I don’t care about needles or whatever, just give me a normal face back, or at least let my mouth close properly!