So we (friends) were going to see the Princess Diaries 2 tomorrow (lol yes I know it’s a bit out of our age range but meh…) but in NSW it’s not released till the week after, so I think we’re going to go watch Suddenly 30 instead. Bike ride’s up for an option so will see. Want to go buy some clothes tomorrow from Maq… shorts, more shorts for my wardrobe… woot… lol.

Um yeah yetsreday I had sdp but we finished early ‘cos everyone in our group was half asleep because we’ve been overly busy/stressed. My head isn’t still entirely back here, have a lecture tonight, so meh will be interesting.

Have to drive up to Baulkhum Hills later today to see the surgeon dude again. Probably could’ve not gone, but I can still feel something there, and if I’m correct once I’m of the drugs the infection will come back. It’s hard to explain but it just doesn’t feel right. Like it feels as if something is sitting on top of the jaw bone, on which the skin is then moving across it, if you can kind of visualise that? Anyway thats at 1:45pm, probably drive back, park, head to uni early. ‘Cos if come home first I’ll just be here for like an hour or so which is pointless me thinks.

So, so tired, and I been sleeping pretty good at night.