I have had a crazy last few days. This week for me is my crazy week. SDP assignement and presentation tomorrow, then on Friday night, NED assignment 1 and 2 due. 1 involving an essay and presentation/discussion, and 2 a group assignment 3/4 done at the moment.

Anyways worked Monday instead of Tuesday so could go to uni yesterday and was there from 9:20am till 6pm. Then went up to Kinkos to get our assignment bound, then by the time I got home it was 7:45pm ish. Then worked today, then uni, got there abit earlier, met up with half the group. Things were looking great. Finalised the traceability matrix, then headed to BPITS lecture then tute, and now back home.

Going to sleep now, ‘cos have to wake up early get ready and go to uni early so I’m not late. I don’t like being late so prefer to be early and safe.

Laters, good night…