Well I’m still aluve so I suppose that is something good. Thurs, Fri were hectic as. Now on a week hols, but have to start researching for next BPITS assignment. This semester will be the worse. I know so… feel it in me. Oh well. As for SDP… omg someone turned up late ‘cos they overslept… ermmm all I can say is that is why alarm clocks exist!!!

Anyways today went to get a new bike helmet. It feels so weird compared to the old one, ‘cos its a different shape and sits higher up, so feels and looks hmm yeah weird. Anyways going riding tomorrow morning again, so have to be up by 8am to eat some brekky before go cycling.

Oh the other day, Thursday in afternoon I went to this seminar thingo about education (had to wait around for 3 hours after sdp but meh). It sounds kind of interesting so I’ll see. But it means I have to be careful with what I pick as electives next year. So I think it has to be 2 chem or physics subjects and then 2 on whatever I want (which I’ve already decided will be earth sci ones). Bugger to being able to use 2 of my electives on Distributed Databases and C/S Architecture and some proggy subject. Oh well. Furthurmore, if I knew, I would have done some of the science subjects this year, to reduce to load. Cos each science subject is 6 hours each. so 6 * 2 + 3 * 2 = 18 hours…. and I’ve only ever done 12 hours max at uni per week. And I don’t know anything remotley chem related. I don’t know if UTS offers geography as a subject??? or what its classified under… someone help me