Firstly my gripe for today. When a cd is meant to be released on a specific day, you’d expect a major music retailer to stock it wouldn’t you? And it’s not a obscure CD either. Anyways so I couldn’t be bothered going to HMV at Maq, so I went to Sanity at Top Ryde. They had *ONE* copy of the CD and it wasn’t even the special 2 CD version… nor did they have the DVD that was meant to be released on the same day. So I ask the guy at the counter if they have the 2 CD version, and he’s like 2 CD version? And I explain that theres two versions of the CD, so he asks this other person, and their like, yeah we’ve got them on order… like wtf?!?! Well I guess I’ll go give HMV some business tomorrow instead, as they’ve always had the new releases whenever I’ve gone to buy them.

That over, I fell asleep in the afternoon for a bit, and was a bit bludgy. Then I went to visit my grandma and had to pick my cuz’s up along the way. Crowded visit, at one point there was 9 people there. Then ate dinner watched some tv, and since then, I’ve been on a coding roll, hence I’m still awake. I have to go to sleep soon, otherwise I’ll stay awake all night being a code monkey. Plus I have to drive my mum to the hospital like at 6:30am tomorrow morning!!!

Mmm I’m contemplating seeing how long it takes to ride to work. Am thinking about starting to ride on Tuesdays for the fun of it. Early morning air is nice, plus its only a 3KM ride which is like 10-15min max. We’ll see, only things crappy about it, is its getting hotter now, and I’ll have to lug a whole lot of water, plus a change of clothes.