Well number of things to write about today. Firstly I found the FHOI DVD at Maq HMV!!! Only had one copy, so grabbed it straight away. Then we headed to STA Travel. We were surprised the prices were cheaper for the airfare, and the ticket validty date was longer as well. So after I make a few phone calls tonight to check we can bunk with some relatives when we stopover in Singapore, all is set. Then on Tuesday have to go and pay half a grand deposit. Sweet, things are happening now. Anyways normally you have to put a deposit when you book your flights, but we’ve got our flights all on hold (i.e. pretty much booked in our name), because that time of the year flights are full. When we first went there were seats on the 5 – 8th. Like an hour later, there were none left on the 5th!. We were intending to do the trek on the 7th – 14th, but it was booked out, so we had to change our plans. So the agent said come back in half an hour or so if you can work it out then we’ll hold the flights etc. Anyways so we worked out 5th would be the best to leave, but woah and behold no flights. Bugger so 6th is is. I suppose the 6th is better though, ‘cos Homebake was on the 4th, and leaving on the 5th in the morning would have been a tad crazy. Like getting home at 1am on that morning and having to leave at 6am.

So the plan is. Leave Sydney 6th December around 1pm. Change flights at Singapore and head to Bangkok. Arrive there around 9 something at night on the same day (don’t you love different time zones…). Head to hotel, then we have 3 full days in Bangkok, and fly down on the 11th to Phuket we have about 2 and half days (closer to 3 though) there then we have to fly back to Bangkok stay overnight, then leave the next morning to Northern Thailand where we trek around for 4/5 days staying in villages and stuff. We have to take hiking packs, sleeping bags, mats etc… hell even our own toliet paper. Then we come back to Bangkok on the morning of the 21st, and catch a flight out in the late afternoon back to Singapore where we bunk for a bit with my relos. Then I think I’m probably going to stay a bit longer do have a look around and visit my relos ‘cos everyone lives there. Then fly back to Sydney either late Dec or early new year. Endless summer… rock on.. then Big Day Out!

Back to this essay now…

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