Hmm I wasn’t at uni today… ah wells.

Anyways yeah booked properly our flights and accomodation today. $710 dollars down and about $1300 to go. Yay… I’m coming back on the 31st of December night flight, so I spent new years eve in the air and arrive back 7 something in the morning on new years day.. pretty groovy. It’s so not long to go, 8 weeks and 1 day I think. Dad leaves for Singapore in 3 weeks then he comes back a week later. Then Calvin goes to Schoolies a week or so later, then comes back, then I leave a week or so after he gets back.

I feel like a bludger – I’ve had a holiday like so frequently ever since I finished high school. After high school their Noosa trip. Call that Summer ’02 (i wasn’t exactly summer yet, but it’ll do for reference). Then Summer ’03-’04 was the Cruise to Noumea and New Caledonia. Then Winter ’04 I had to take a week off ‘cos of a horrid exam timetable – all in one week consecutive days (so it wasn’t really a holiday as such). Then in Winter ’04 there was the snow trip as well (though that was only 4 days I think?). Then Summer ’04-’05 it’s Thailand/Singapore. Seeing a trend there??? I feel bad… lol… oh well I’ll get over it.