Well back to my mouth/gum infection. The swelling went down but it still felt as if something was in there… (the infection). And when I moved my mouth at certain angles it was as if something was in the way and stuff would come out the back – more watery though, so not serious infection. Then today I woke up, and I couldn’t feel the lump as much but I saw a little white/yellow dot thingo in between two teeth. Over the day it grew, reaching a little point. Then like half an hour before the dentist it decided to open… not fun. I didn’t rinse it all out, ‘cos I figured the dentist would be better dealing with it. Lucky I had a dentist appointment today. Anyways so I went, and told the dentist and she had a look and rinsed it out, and noticed I had a hole in my gum – which I never had before. I suspected a hole, but wasn’t sure if it was my teeth or gum. Then in the cleaning process, she said she would clean the hole out fully. And yes it did start to hurt, so she gave me some anathestic to numb it. And yes it did get cleaned out heaps… think blood. And now I’m back on the antibiotics again!!! This time even stronger ones. Oh and she actually took an x-ray without me having to ask. None of my teeth are infected (thank god for that)… and she said if I feel it getting infectd again, to see her, and I’ll probably have to get a wide xray of my mouth.

I just hope it gets fixed this time…

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