Time for some mystery… over the last few days been getting hits from overseas (which is weird enough already). Then today I received this comment:

Nice Blog page you've got, but nothing exciting.

It will be nice if you could bitch about other people...I'm sure u have nasty opinions abt other people around you. 

Which brings up a few questions, did that message have a double entendre to it? As in am I supposed to know the person, or are they trying to be serious??? Does the poster want to let me know??? Theres a very small chance I may know the poster??? (not that I have any ideas anyway…)

But back to the post… maybe it may provide for the more ‘exciting’ reading you seem to want, but personally I don’t feel it is right to do so using such a medium that the Internet is. Firstly and possibly foremostly anything you publish on the Internet will more than likely exist in some form or another forever and ever. There are cached copies, web archives you name it it exists. I don’t particuarly like the idea of bad mouthing someone, and knowing it could affect their future or bite me back at some later stage. Secondly, fair enough if you bitch about other people, but it’s not stuff you talk out on the Internet where anyone in the world can see/read. I don’t believe in overly influecning anothers opinion, but would rather they make their own decisions. At least have some respect for the other person even if you *do* dislike them. And BTW ‘nasty’ is a strong word. Especially combined with opinions. I’d like to think I don’t have ‘nasty opinions’ but rather have my ‘own opinions’. And really my own opinions are irrelevant to what others should think, as we all have to make our judgement about things in life.

In a nutshell to the poster who may (or may not) be reading this. You ain’t going to find bitching here… more my frustrations in life at a particaulr time, but I ain’t going to badmouth or create negative opinions of people, places or things. Everyone/thing has a right to be judged/viewed in a non-prejudged way….. posting shit on the Internet just clouds that… and it kind of is slack imho. So yeah maybe if you looking for more ‘exciting’ reading material, you might just have to look elsewhere. I just use this to write whatever I feel like writing, what I’m thinking, my innner thougths, but theres things I won’t post here and don’t for very reasons such as those I’ve listed amongst others. Anyway netquitte keeps the net sane, theres enough flamers, spammers etc etc, I really don’t need to be involved in the middle of internet slagging matches either……

The End.