Well today has been a semi productive day. Read my BPITS assignment. Not that happy with it, as I don’t think its all that great, but it will have to do because I do not have the time to fix it. Just hope it turns out okay. Fixed up some stuff for SDP, took longer than I thought, ‘cos the javascript drove me insane for an hour or so. Then did some NED. Then headed to Maq, to get Trish a pressie + other stuff, then came back home to work on the SDP presentation. Spoke to dad today which was good. Mmm this week is the week for me to drive (read ‘learn’) how to drive his vehicle. He’s cool with it though so maybe I’ll take it for a short drive tomorrows. Hmm though the next door neighber is having a christening with 80 people so it may just be a tad hard to reverse out of the driveway… so I may just have to postpone that idea.

Ooh yeah, Homebake sold out… heaps early! Last time it sold out was either ’99 or ’00 (whichever TLE headlined)… better be worth it (though I’m sure it will be). Oh yeah Greenday are also touring next year. 9th March at Sydney Superdome. There a bit more mainstream now, but nothing like some good old songs played live for good fun. Unfortunatley the 9th is a Wed night and I have uni. Though there is a possibility there could be a show on the 8th when looking at the dates, so maybe I’ll keep my hopes for that?