Well as for my previous post, have decided I probably won’t make the trek over to Manly. That’s like almost an hour each way anf for a approx 6 set show, I think I can wait till they tour again. Anyways going to the movies instead to watch Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. ‘Twill be interestingly funny…

Other than the above, in the final exam studying phase at the moment. But not in the mood. Have been a bit out of it this semester. Less listening to music as well but rather working in silence which is different. And anyway life is a bit hectic recently, lots of stuff happening in life at the moment. Some good some bad. And just a lost of self thought and soul searching for answers. What is the missing link? I will go hunting/looking for it in 3 weeks hopefully… that compounds my recent state of mind amongst other things which are more of concern. Death is final… I guess we all know that. But when you know someone is fading away, and you see the sorid state that one is in as the days tick nearer and nearer it makes you wonder alot of things. What are your priorities in life? Do they really matter or mean anything in the scope of everything else. Possibly so and possibly not. Sometimes I do sit there hoping it ends soon. Is it cruel to think that, or is it crueler to know that they are suffering and have no hope either way. That’s one question on my mind.

The wispy motion of a shedded leaf upon an autumn afternoon is how I feel. Slightly melancholy. A dreary day overcast with clouds and rain. A sense of mystery around, not knowing what the next day will bring. And it applies to every front. Want to lie in a garden of grass staring at the sky. Thinking. Resting. Sleeping. Breathing. Silence. Alone. Peaceful. Calm.

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