I have an exam in about an hour and a ten minutes but I am distracted. Partly because I know I don’t have to pass this exam, and I’m glad it will be one down. But also because I have some thoughts on my mind. What is your view regarding euthanasia? I never really thought about it much just heard the usual pro verses against debates regarding controversial inventions/views by Dr Phillip Nitschke (who is for euthanasia). Basically my life has a similar situation looming. It’s not euthanasia as such ‘cos it’s not exactly illegal or anything, but it bears resemebelences that provoke thought. Is it right to deprive one of stuff needed to survive if providing it will prolong ones life longer but not for the better as they actually get worse the longer they live? And how does one know it is the right decision to make if the person in question cannont answer it themselves.