Rode 50KM today. Cycle Sydney – North Sydney to Parramatta Park. Not too bad actually, don’t feel sore. Did it in round 2 hours and 40 minutes, though all together had about 30 min break to refill water bottles, eat a museli bar etc. Weather was pretty hot today, however only after Rydalmere it started getting overly hot. Parramatta was even hotter. Been a long day. Woke up at 5am, picked up at 5:45am to drive over to Westmead station (park vehicle). Then the train to North Sydney. Train was packed with bikes. Already at Parra station it was pretty full, and there was still lots of stops to North Syd. In the later stations people just ran on and had to hold their bikes vertical (one wheel in air) to get on. Kinda like sardines in a can, but with bikes instead. Then at North Syd station a short ride up the Miller Street to St Leonard’s Park. Stupid us waited in the line from the back to start, when we should’ve just joined from the side. So we started around 8:10am instead of earlier which would’ve been better. Actually kinda stupid when we were riding up from the train station we could’ve just joined there instead of riding up then back down later on. Harbour Bridge and through the city was pretty cruisy except the back of the Entertainment Centre where it was single file and pretty much chaos… think traffic (tour buses) behind you with stacks of cyclists. Anyways skipping the rest made in to Parra Park before 12 noon which was better than i expected (well for me and my varied exercise routine which occurs often randomly). Funny thing of today after Granville I think these girls got on the train and obviously they didn’t know why everyone had bikes. One of them was like ‘it’s bloody 7:00am on a Sunday morning and theres bikes!’ more in a negative tone, like wtf you guys are psyhco kinda tone. Though generally in theory people exercise in the morning whilst everyone else sleeps (on Sundays that is), so i thought it was kind of an inverted statement anyway.