Ahhh hah… I finally got around to finding out a server which actually had ftp working… lol so now you can read all my thoughtful and confused posts from pre December (i.e. November).

Well… what’s happened since then? Alot of stuff has happened. I went of on my trip and now I’m back in Aus again. Hols was mad. Went Sydney (Home) –> Bangkok –> Phuket –> Bangkok –> Chiang Mai –> Bangkok –> Singapore (side trips to Malaysia here as well) –> Sydney (Home). Last two Bangkok stops being only a one and a half and half day stop respectively. Where was the best? Bangkok ‘cos had lots of random adventures there which were funny (some of them anyway). Phuket was mmm okay. Not the best but still good. I was outta there about 1 and a half weeks before the disaster so I guess that was good ‘cos we were staying in Patong and had also gone out to Phi Phi island (watching the news, I’m like seeing places I walked pass every day). Chiang Mai was good too. Went hiking there. Interesting stories from there too. Like having an asthma attack with the shortened story involving me not being able to breathe and getting rescued by a motorbike. And this guy who insisted I looked like his daughter and that he was my dad and I could call him ‘ba ba’ which in mandarin means dad/daddy. Furthermore he gave me 100B because I looked like his daughter so much (supposedly).

And… I survived the whole month without really a computer (so I guess it is possible). Apart from the occasional email check at free computers at the airport, I only had to really go to a Internet Cafe to re-enrol and then check my uni results so that was pretty good too. And it was kinda cool to not have to do anything for like ages. I think this is the longest time period in my life since like Year 9 that I have done absolutley nothing – be it not work, not use a computer etc.

Mmm and an interesting note was I was overweight by 8 and a half kilos but they didn’t charge me which was good ($25 per kilo over = lots of $). I think I looked innocent… on my travels I managed to pick up like 16KGs… oops

Oh yeah anyone want to head to Cockatoo Island 2005 festival? Easter long weekend. about 180 bucks 3 days includes camping pass… maybe it’ll be like a falls festival sydney style?