Went to Clovelly today with Sal. Was good even though the weather was hot as and lack of air conditioned car = burning arms and legs when driving. Next two days is supposed to be hotter 🙁

Mmm the lineup for that WaveAid concert has been released. Pretty impressive lineup. Midnight Oil and Silverchair reforming for it. Though Silverchair never formally dis-banded but close enough anyway. And Powderfinger and John Butler Trio. ‘Cept it only runs from 2pm to 10.30pm. Mmm tickets will sell out… it’ll be a massive ticketek stake out for tickets me thinks. Yet to decided if to go or not. Have to check some things out.

Ahh funny moment of today was overfilling my car with petrol. I set it to fill $15 but because the petrol was cheaper today than usual (about 91 cents/litre) $15 was way to much to fill. ‘Cept I didn’t realise till it started overflowing ‘cos I wasn’t exactly looking. Anyways when I came home it was $1.02/litre.

26 weeks of my uni life is left (well my I.T. degree anyway) and I’m somewhat counting down the weeks/days – hopefully everything goes to plan. And for once I have no plans… the only thing on the horizon is to do absolutley nothing. I never thought I’d be one to annouce that I was going to do absolutley nothing, but I have no plans… none zilch. Life is cruisy at the moment, and it would be mad if it stayed like that forever and ever. But the fact is it won’t. Unfortunatley the world we live in is kind of a circle where you work to live and live to work with random happenings between. Or so I imagine it to be someway or another.

And now I shall stop my rambling and go back and do some work and continue reading my book.