Well looks like I’m going to be there at WaveAid. I wanted to go but was still up in the air on it partly because I knew (or think) it will sell out and I would’ve had to stake the Ticketek website out or go to an outlet in person. But then just before Trish rang and said that their on sale alreday at Showbiz, so that kinda cemented the idea that it was meant to be. So yep me and her are heading to WaveAid in 2 weekends. Sweet as, going to rock on. Even though nowhere near as long as BDO it has a lineup I prefer better. In other news I am going to be b-r-o-k-e soon. Apparently my car brakes are dodgy (my dad says)… though I did mention last week that they were sqeaking heaps. So no driving that car till I get it fixed. And I need to get my pink slip, rego and insurance paid for. Plus uni fees for this coming semester. And I’m considering joining the gym if it’s less than $40 a month so we’ll see. I’m heading up there this afternoon to have a look.