Crazy, crazy tennis. I’ve been watching it heaps these last few days. Today did the stretch pretty much from 1pm till about 10 minutes ago!!! Argh as much as I can’t stand Hewitt’s on-court antics, he’s Australian, so yeah. Good match though from both the Aussies today. My predictions Federer and Hewitt to the final. Roddick doesn’t seem as agile as Hewitt is on his toes. Though that’s just my prediction… which probably will be wrong. Highlights of tomorrow: Sharapova vs Williams and Federer vs Safin. Reckon Davenport will win her match easy hence not a highlight. In between all that I hopefull will read more. Reading the book ‘This Game Of Ghosts’ by Joe Simpson which is kinda a autobiography/memoir of the mountaineer who had that accident on Siula Grande.