So here’s the WaveAid roundup. All up a good day. I liked it and thought it was worth the money. So heres the story: did my Coles run then headed to the city to meet Trish. Then headed to Moore Park. Picked our tickets up, saw the line was massive long to get in (about 12:15pm then) so we went to Fox Studios to waste time whilst waiting for the line to get shorter. Bought a slurpee drink thing because it was heaps hot, bummed around then went back to get in (no lines this time). Got in a bit after 1pm then had till wait till 2pm for it to start. Let’s say the weather was *very* hot. Stands were in sun, and we were the last stand to get shade in the afternoon. So sat in the sun for 5 hours or so. Forgot my sunscreen so lucky I didn’t get burnt. Rather I have an arm tan from my t-shirt sleeve down wrist where my watch was on one hand and wristband on the other, then tanned hands. Funny when I look in the mirror. Anyways onto the bands. The Waifs were pretty good. I only had heard of a few of their songs before. They played London Still which was good as I like that song. Then after them was Missy Higgins. Third time seeing her. Probably the biggest crown she’s played too. Was good as usual, though she took a slightly different approach to one of the songs which I would say was interesting… Then it was Nick Cave. Wasn’t realy into him either. It was hilarious ‘cos whilst he was on, these group of people started playing cricket with a water bottle and a ball at the back of the green area near the stands, and everytime someone went to bowl, the clapping would start up, and if a hit went into the crowd there was cheers and if it missed there was sighs. Pretty funny ‘cos it was loud, and if you couldn’t see the game going it would’ve sounded weird. Next up was Kasey Chambers – nothing great wasn’t interested in her anyway. Then Pete Murray. He was good. After that was the Finn Brothers. I’d heard of them but not their music, but when they played I realised I did know their music. They were actually pretty good. Then ’twas the supergroup The Wrights – good stuff, followed by JBT. This was when everything started getting interesting, crowd really into it. Between JBT and Silverchair these people semi near us started making this massive snake thing out of beer cups. It was massive and they needed quite a few people to hold it up without falling and it was winding around and stuff. Then one of them started prompting for more cups and the next thing you know theres all these beer cups flying from all directions towards the beer cup snake. Funny sight watching them fly from all directions. Eventually the boring coppers stopped the snake from growing and then Silverchair were up. They were good I though. Then between them and Powderfinder was the flashing intermission. Hilarious the camera crew, the text titles and flashers. Like they’d $100 for any girl who flashes… then no one was flashing, so itd say where have all the girls gone. then someone flashed and it came up with not long enough for the $100, I’ll give you $20. Then another chick flashed. Then… classic gold moment, camera pans to this guy who is standing up on someones shoulders pulling his pants/boxers down. Screen comes up with like Gold, that’s worth $300. Pause then it comes up with Pity its only 4 inches. After that their were quite a few exhibitionists. Then Powderfinger were up. Good stuff. Loved how they played Passenger, My Happiness and These Days as well as Dog. I would’ve loved if they played Sunsets instead of Baby I’ve Got You On My Mind but oh well. Then Midnight Oil were up. By the looks of it everyone was there for them. We left early before the end as we didn’t want to get stuck with like 40,000 others trying to catch buses back to the city. So yeah thats the roundup…. SCG isn’t a great venue for 47,000 odd people though. Hell the queues for food were longer than the toliets!!!