Okay well interesting day. I have/will be working most days now school is back but today I didn’t as dad had a day of and I decided to bum with him for the day. We had to go over to Bondi Junction as he had an appointment with a specialist at noon though. Drove this time and I was the navigator (funnily enough he trusts my navigation skills… still we got there and back okay). Anyways whilst we were waiting for his consultation, i was sitting down and this elderly(ish) lady goes ‘Are those royals?’ pointing at our shoes. At first my dad thought she was talking about his shoes, then she said no mine. I said yep. Anyways the interesting thing was it turned out her grandson was one of the founders of Royal Elastics and she was telling us the story. Yes she was wearing royals as well. She told us how when she saw people wearing the shoes she felt like excited and the ones she had shes got were one of the first ones, and she washes them and still wears them ‘cos she loves them. And the story behind them was… his then girlfriend use to trip on her laces, so he told her he’d find a solution. Even stranger and on a somewhat more solemn note whilst we were there this chick walked in who had tats on both her arms, this same lady then was like see her, tattoo’s on her arms and I didn’t even want mine I had no choice. Like going about why get them in a way. She pulled up her sleeve and there she had a tattoo on her forearm. The Ka-tzetnik…

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