Mmm what’s happening.. nothing much. I’ve just been working a bit. Worked all last week and most likely this week. Next week will take a few days off, as have some jobs to do plus make a visit up to visit friends. Other than that I think I’m going to go to Cambodia at the end of the year. I’m thinking of applying for a working visa for Canada or working holidaymaker visa for the UK as another option. Have no idea about jobs over there, but if I can’t afford to live I suppose I can always fly back, and if things work out stay there the full year or two. I’m not sure if whether toward smid year I should go for those Canada job interview/fairs thingo. I had a look at some websites and those ones pay minimum wage. So if I went to the US it would be just over $5 USD an hour. It would be sweet if I got some computer work over there or something… but I dunno. I have an urge to explore other horizons… the life where I have just enough money to live and have a nomadic lifestyle is appealing to me.