The weather is eek… hot and sticky still after it’s stormed/rained. Going out in a few hours to have dinner with friends in the city… *wonders if this is what grown ups do???* Worked all last week (I think I did??) Next week not so much. Have Monday off, but I have to go up Cherrybrook way to troubleshoot a wireless network of some family friends. Then maybe on Wed to Thurs bum at Narrabeen – I have to check on that one anyways. Then work Fri the weekend and then its back to uni… woot. Mmm in other news I *may* (not even sure at the moment) have a job demo-ing (and maybe tutoring?) at uni again this semester. They have to see how first year numbers go, and see how many people they need to hire. I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I wouldve loved to do it last semester but timetable clashes. Only problem is its on Thursday which is my free day I was going to work at RGHS. Though I suppose I can work on Wed… but the other guy is working most of the week anyway, and with the other person one a week, so I probably wont be missed. We’ll see. I wouldn’t mind a slight change in the work aspect for a while and it’s a really great experience.