Mmm I’ve actually used my scanner… kinda good I bought that cheapo printer a few months back for colour. For a moment wondered if I’d use it, but I’ve been using it a bit for my science subject printing pictures etc, scanning diagrams.

Oh also made an el-cheapo Aldi trip on the way back from Bunnings. Firstly my gripe re Bunnings. A couple of months back they had a catlpgue advertising a wheelbarrow. So we went to get it. None on display so we asked some store person. Oh there’s none here at the moment but it’s probably at the back for stocktake (along the lines of the situation). Fair enough, but at this point good customer service usually results in the store person going out the back and getting it, especially when you’ve said you want to buy it. But alas no offer. Anyways we cbf, so we’re like okay. Then a few days ago we got another Bunnings catalogue, same wheelbarrow advertised. And yet again they don’t have it. Again no offer to order it in or anything. Um excuse me if I’m wrong or anything, but isn’t customer service and retaining your customer important to businesses anymore?!? Yeah you may have to go out the back or order it in, but if the customer wants it and is willing to pay why the hell do companies turn their customers away by not bothering to do any of the above mentioned?!? Most of the time if I want to buy and item and it’s not in stock the shop assistant rings up another store or orders it in without me having to explicitly ask. I mean if you state you want to buy it is it not clear enough, or do stores not really care until they physically have your cash? Anyways that’s it with Bunnings for now. Mitre 10 it will be for us.