Mmm well yesterday (Sunday) I went weed collecting again. Hectic. When you actually need to do stuff for an assignment you pay so much attention to your surroundings yet it is so hard to find what you are looking for, when previously you never paid any/much attention (that’s how it usally is isn’t it?). I had to climb over/off a bridge then down a fence in order to get my specimen of Asparagus Fern. Then I had to jump up grab the edge of the bridge and climb back up in the process scratching myself on a bit of the fence. The things we do…

Ooh I read a post on a forum and checked out the website, in Japan every year theres like the equiv of our rock festivals, Summer Sonic. And it’s usually before Splendour, and Japan usually is before Australia on the touring circuit. Anyways headliner for Summer Sonic ’05 is Oasis! Cross fingers hope they come to Aus and play a gig in Sydney. Though I heard they suck live… so meh.

Eh also tomorrow I have a field trip to Cumberland Forest to learn about propagation andother fun stuff. Hope it doesn’t rain and isn’t too hot. Overcast and cold would be nice 🙂

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