Okay crazy changes on this space over the last few days, but I’ve come to a conclusion… I was trying to decide upon a new name and all, and was being inspired by titles and lyrics of songs… tried a few Coldplay and Badly Drawn Boy inspired ideas, but they didn’t really flow right. Then there was The Ataris song My So Called Life which was I think if I remember rightly inspired or something by Claire Danes who was the star of the show of the same name. Anyways that got things rolling… because really my web presence details my so called life (whatever that may be)… and originally I was going to call it that, but then for reasons decided not too. A quick google revealed many My So Called Blog, but that didn’t appeal to me, so that’s how I land upon My So Called Website… well because plainly it is ‘my so called website’ and whatnot.

On to some randomness… today I went for a bike ride. Did the usual Putney over the Ryde Bridge to Meadowbank loop. I was riding up through Shepherds Bay back up to the bridge on my way home and there was these two people walking looking back, and I’m thinking what are they looking at. And then I see it. It being a possum. Random as it was in the middle of the day, and they are supposed to be nocturnal. And it was huge like the size of a cat and just walking across the road then down the council strip, then it finally decided to climb up the fence and into the tree.