Mmm tried to write a post before but something wasn’t working right anyways here goes…. in a backwards post from about 30 minutes ago. Some Area Manager of Bunnings rang me up which I was not expecting (come to think about it, I could’ve/should’ve spoke longer to him). Anyways he somehow got hold of my second email (and I guess the first as well), and was ringing up to check if some person from Lidcombe rang up about the first email, which they did. At least their managers and senior management know some sense about stakeholders. The ironic thing is today we got a Bunnings catalogue again, and we’ll probably be going there this weekend to get some other stuff, or at least try to… mondo grass 10 for $10… and maybe a mango or lychee tree if I get around to it. Then before in the afternoon I was doing some travel research, India is now on my list of possibilities. But argh all the mainstream tours don’t go to Amritsar and Udaipur and most of the ones which do don’t do Jaipur. Then go back a bit more before that and I sat the online numeracy and verbal test for part of the Commbank grad recruitment. Hard they were especially the numeracy one because of the time limit. 21 minutes, 21 questions. And as maths is my weakest skill… you can imagine. I didn’t finish it, but I hope I did okay. The verbal was better, but still hard, as black on cyan is hard to read and also, distinguishing between ‘false’ and ‘can’t determine’ is a fine line. Then before that I was at the library doing some research… lol I ‘thought I’d never see that day occur. ‘Twas because I was not 100% sure what I was Googleing, but I knew the book had it in it… so better to be safe than sorry. And that’s my day…

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