Mmm testing was okay today, though I’m not to sure about the Temprement side of the test, its hard when the 4 options given all rate highly to you, but u have to pick one which is the most and one which is the least. Oh well what’s done is done… only now is to play the waiting game and hope for the best… that’s all one can do really. But I made it to the next round for Westpac too, so I’ve just done their test today as well, and I’ll probably find out sometime next week how that went. Wish me luck there too…

Oooh… randomness, ever had blisters on the bank of your ankles so sore, than its been hard to walk? I was going to drive home barefoot (never done it before, ‘cos never have been able to), but had to stop half way, because my foot kept slipping/not comfortable on the clutch… so now my feet are like mega sore and I don’t feel like wearing shoes for the next two days!

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