Caught up with Emily this afternoon. Went on a cycle over to Olympic Park / Bicentennial Park. One of the tracks we road down, was like spider corridor! Having all these spider webs above your head with like hundreds of massive spiders is like gross… even these outher cyclists stopped to have a look. The whole of that track was like that, towards the end, we were watching our path, and riding bent over just to avoid accidently riding into a web. Then on the way back we avoided that track… it was like spider nightmare…. Haha oh yeah on the way back I thought I spotted some onion weed, so we stopped, then spent like 10 minutes trying to madly dig onion weed out with our hands… failed miserably. We’d get down to a significant depth near where I was pretty sure the bulb would be near and then the plant would break. According to my dad, you can’t dig onion weed up with your hands, and yeah its a fragile plant. Oh well at least madly digging dirt with our hands was fun for a bit… until I had to get the dirt out from under my nails, and now my fingers hurt.