Okay so this morning I woke up ate breakfast then went on an Onion Weed finding mission. Walked up to the park at the end of the street and looked and looked but could no find any. So came home, and asked my dad if he could come and help me look. We found some which was good. Then also Emily found some in her garden so she got me a whole bunch and dropped it off. So now everything is all good… at least we weren’t completley mad trying to dig up the wrong plant yesterday. This time I took a new approach, I ironed the plant/weed in an attempt to remove moisture so it wouldn’t go mouldy, then put it in my press which is now sitting in the sun (i think).

Ooh and if I’m lucky I should be able to spell/remember my 15 plants I have to know… hardest one to learn I think was: Erigeron karvinskianus commonly known as a Fleabane Daisy…

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